Tradeoshi – Latest Binance crypto trading bot give people the opportunity to trade like a Pro!


Merlin’s Algorithmic Intelligence shows us the future of crypto day trading!

Trading cryptocurrencies is currently on the upswing and more and more large investors, banks or hedge funds are trying to earn quick profits in crypto trading. However, we know that profitable trading is not easy, where other people earn big profits there are usually many losers, so day trading without experience and without good strategies is counterproductive for most of us!

This is exactly where Tradeoshi's Merlin comes into the game, an algorithmic intelligence from the trader for the trader. Your own professional daytrader who trades for you in every market situation 24/7 in your own Binance account, this dream for the trader is named Algorithmic trading!

While human daytraders often analyze hundreds of charts with a simple strategy in front of the screen 12 hours a day, Merlin rummages through hundreds of markets with thousands of trading strategies every second!

After a simple registration in the Tradeoshi platform, you can purchase a license and then connect Binance with Tradeoshi. The user interface is designed to be user-friendly and equipped with many features, statistics and advanced settings. Merlin have also advanced configuration opportunities in risk management so that profits are not thrown into the sand right away, so Merlin is a great trading tool for beginners as well as experts to get started successfully in crypto trading!


Merlin’s crypto bot features at a glance:

Automated Trading

Merlin is based on machine learning, Algorithmic Intelligence and Quanttrading Features! Connect it with your Exchange and Merlin do the magic for YOU!

Artificial Intelligence

Merlin uses machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques, that learn from data without relying on rules-based systems.

Quantitative Trading

Merlin is a combination of both fundamental and technical analysis, the quant trading part controls the main crypto markets like BTC, ETH, LTC because of the dependency of the total crypto market.

DCA Feature

Merlin can also use DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging)! It is a technique that’s used either to average your buying price or as the “Martingale technique”, which you use when a position is in a deep loss. You will make a profit sooner when the price rises again.

Short Selling

Merlin can also make money if the price is falling, it is called short selling (or going short).

Borrowed Funds X10

Merlin allows you to open a trading position with Binance using a small amount of capital in order to take a much larger position in the market.

Trend Algorithmus

Merlin uses 50 different Indicators only to check the current trend in different timeframes. A combination of Ichimoku, different moving averages, oscillators and Pivots!

Risk management

Merlin’s extensive developed risk management is like a full-time job without sleeping! Setup reserve funds, pump and dump protection, stop-loss, rebuys, different filters and trend detection features to fend off the risky crypto market.

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